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Current Projects

Some of these projects have been put on the back burner as I learn and grow and realize which book I want to try to debut with. But I wanted to list them out for you to see what I'm working on and to see my progress thus far. To read more, head over to my member's page. I'll also send updates through my newsletter. Cheers!

YA Con Rom

A Young Adult Contemporary. I'm revising my original vision of this story after reader feedback and am incorporating a retelling of sorts. I'm SUPER excited about this new draft!


This kicked off my YA Contemporary streak, and I got to write about an experience I went through, while creating a sweet romance along with way. I love my MC, her LI, & best friend!
#soccergoals #squadgoals #relationshipgoals

YA Fantasy

This is my 2019 NaNo Project involving a fantasy land and creatures, & the aftermath of a devastating war. I created this during the #STCExperiment that I filmed on YouTube.

A Con Rom

I love writing contemporary and I don't want to give away this mash up just yet, but it's a lot of fun characters and wacky situations.

The Scape

MG Fantasy. I had a lot of fun writing this book. I won't go into details about what inspired it until it's closer to being queried. But I got to make up a lot of creatures & have a fantasy world within a 'normal' world.


MG Fantasy. This book started off as YA, and it's now sitting on the back burner to be revised into an MG. It's about a magic boarding school & finding your acceptance/your place in the world.