YA Contemporary F/F

Sixteen-year-old James wants three things in life: to play soccer, to play video games with her best friend, and to have enough money and status to stay in the popular crowd. Last year, her life changed during freshman soccer tryouts when Queen Bee Natalie invited her to join her elite circle. James jumped at the chance, finally feeling worthy and accepted.


This year, James spends her time pandering to Natalie, who is also competing for the last Varsity spot. Regardless of Natalie’s retaliation, James needs to land Varsity to gain college scholarships, but Coach threatens this dream by requiring her to be on an elite outdoor league she can’t afford. To keep up her appearance in the popular crowd and to afford the expensive outdoor league, she gets a part-time job and ends up working with a teammate she’s overlooked. Flirting and bantering ensue, and James is falling hard.


Natalie becomes suspicious of James disappearing all the time and pleasing Natalie is harder than ever. If James keeps up with the demands of the Queen Bee, she could lose her crush. But if she lays low, Natalie could destroy her soccer dreams. If she takes a stand against Natalie, she could lose everything. In her quest for #squadgoals, #relationshipgoals, and #soccergoals, she needs to figure out her priorities and learn to ask for help.

WIP Status: Querying

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