Katie grew up reading and loved stories so much she started drafting, but never finished a project. In 2016 she vowed to finish a first draft, and her first book made her realize she had much to learn about the craft. She studied and learned, and produced the first book she was proud of, Crafted, which she wrote during NaNoWriMo. Katie has many book ideas she wants to write and share with you that range from Middle Grade to Adult, and Contemporary to Fantasy.


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The writing community and Authortube have been instrumental in her writing journey. On her own Authortube channel she shares writing tips, writing vlogs, and coffee chat topics.

Katie is a wife, mother, pet owner, and Christian. She loves to travel, go to festivals, do crafty things, watch Marvel movies, and binge tv shows. She also loves coffee, brownies, and music she can dance to.

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