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Katie Wilson is a Contemporary & Fantasy Author, who runs on peanut m&ms, coffee, and baby snuggles. She enjoys brainstorming and interacting with the writing community- check out her Authortube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram. Be the first to hear about upcoming projects and book updates by signing up for the Newsletter below! You can also support her through Ko-Fi and Patreon, where you'll get even more behind the scene looks!

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YA Contemporary, F/F

16-year-old James feels limited by her status, especially after the varsity soccer coach keeps her on junior varsity because she's not on an elite outdoor team. To add fuel to the fire, her friend and teammate shuns her and gets the rest of her teammates to too. #GOALS is about finding true friends who will stick by you no matter what and learning to accept yourself.

Project Emma

YA Contemporary Romance

17-year-old Riley is a romantic who dreams of being a leading lady. After a grand gesture turns her into a laughing stock, she becomes a match maker bent on helping others find love. When circumstances throw her back into the path of her potential leading man--the one who rejected her--she must learn to open her heart or continue to live vicariously through others.